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The Unicorn's Secret

"The Unicorn's Secret" is one of our "Ballet-in-a-Day" events for elementary schools. Teaching Artists conduct morning workshops with up to 200 children, any combination of grades K-5. After lunch, the students share the stage with the Teaching Artists in a costumed production of this original ballet with choreography and story by Sondra Forsyth. See the sample schedule below. We can tailor it to suit your needs.

The Unicorn’s Secret 

Sample Schedule




Class #1, Village Dancers (Girls & Boys)

On the stage 

 May 18th Columbano/Gillan:

13 Girls, 13 boys


May 19th, Rubino:

13 Girls, 11 boys


Teaching Artists: Laura and Lisa  



Class #2 (Girls) Flutterbyes

May 18th Lourenco

10 Girls

May 19th Hug-Quinn

12 Girls

In a classroom 

Teaching Artist: Yana

Class #2, (Boys) Russian Boys

In the other half of the gym

May 18th Lourenco

13 Boys

May 19th Hug-Quinn

11 of Boys

Teaching Artist: Andrei

9:45: –10:15




Class #3 (Girls) Unicorns 

On the stage

May 18th Wegge

11 Girls and Dulberg 2 Special Ed girls Total # of Girls: 13

May 19th Whittall

11 Girls

Teaching Artist: Lisa

Class #3 (Boys), Bats

In the other half of the gym

May 18th Wegge: 10 Boys & Dulberg 4 Special Ed boys: Total # of  14 Boys

May 19th Whitall: 13 Boys & Metzak: 2 Special Ed Boys: Total # of boys 15

Teaching Artist, Andrei


Class #4 Glitterbugs (Girls & Boys)

In a classroom

May 18th Labate: 13 Girls & 11 Boys

May 19th Lebit-Powers, 13 Girls & 12 Boys

Teaching Artist: Yana

Class #5 Gaudybirds (Girls & Boys)

In a Classroom

May 18th, Rolon: 15 Girls & 8 Boys

May 19th, Delgiorno:  14 Girls & 10 Boys

Teaching Artist: Laura







LUNCH BREAK and dress for the performance